Our Mission Statement

Honesty | Integrity | Dependability

The mission of United Metal is to provide quality fabrication and installation of all types of specialty metals, miscellaneous metals, and structural steel in a wide variety of commercial and industrial applications. In pursuit of this, our pledge is to provide safe and professional craftsmanship, superior leadership, and quality customer service at a fair and competitive price. Our core values shall prove evident through the hard work, commitment, and integrity of our employees. Our greatest strength is our people and therefore, we will continue to provide the best training available for our employees, ensuring their personal growth, stability, and improved quality of life.

Our Executive Team

Jessica Sims, Chief Executive Officer

Jessica brings more than 20 years of management experience to her position at United Metal Services. She is a bilingual, self-starter that draws on her previous employment opportunities to succeed as a minority in an industry predominantly run by men. Jessica oversees the day to day operations at United Metal Services, including all HR functions, training programs, payroll, safety programs, and purchasing. She also coordinates customer relations, employee management, and purchasing new equipment.  Jessica recently acquired the HUB, MBE, WBE, DBE and SBE Certifications for United Metal Services, Inc., which will allow UMS to further expand its customer base and procurement opportunities. Jessica’s goal is that United Metal Services is known for its reputation of exceeding its customers’ expectations, at a competitive value that will bring them back.

Ted Sims, Chief Operating Officer

Ted began his career in the metal industry 37 years ago, working in the field in various positions as well as a certified pipe welder. Ted compiled 20 years of field experience in metal fabrication before being promoted to Project Manager and Estimator in 1996. As a project manager and estimator, Ted built up his customer base by seeing jobs through.  He did on-site evaluations, estimated jobs, drafted and shipped drawings, ordered materials and equipment, coordinated fabrication and installation, and followed up with customers to ensure their satisfaction. Ted worked as an Estimator and Vice President of Project Management for United Metal Fabricators of Texas, LLP, from 2003 to 2011, when the company was acquired by Jessica Sims and became the owner of United Metal Services, Inc. Ted presently oversees production operations, including, new customer development, and quality control.  Ted believes that customer satisfaction is the key to good business. His goal for United Metal Services is to grow their management team to facilitate servicing a more diverse customer base, without sacrificing efficiency and integrity.

Certifications and Accreditations